6 April 2016

Welcome to Spaceoneers! On this new website we take a look at space pioneers – those who have pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible in the space sector, as well as the startups and new technologies that are set to disrupt the sector even further.

Space is a vibrant and high-growth sector and is an essential part of the global economy. It has revolutionised capabilities in areas such as international communications, global navigation and national security, and has also provided a way to monitor the Earth’s climate. It enables us all to enjoy the benefits of communication, entertainment, and mapping and managing our lives, virtually anywhere on the surface of our planet.

As costs of access to space are much lower, and technologies are becoming much smaller and lighter, opportunities are opening up that at one time would have been unimaginable. A growing number of startups and entrepreneurs are entering what is considered by some to be a “newspace” race.

Spaceoneers features blog articles and events from across the space, finance, technology and innovation sectors that can support existing or aspiring startups. It will also include interviews from some of the key influencers and decision makers who are helping to drive innovation in the sector.

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