Evan Cook

Evan Cook is an editor, writer, science communicator, and award-winning author. With over four years experience in content writing and editing, he currently works as a science communicator at Design & Data, creating media communications with a focus on space, technology, and planetary sciences. He enjoys using creative writing to educate people on topics he is passionate about, including climate change, sustainability, and space exploration. When he is not writing, you can find him at the cinema, acting and directing for theatre, and getting distracted by every dog he sees.

Maria Corrêa Mendes

Science communicator with a special passion for using audiovisual materials (video, photography, graphic design) to bring Science closer to the public. Driven by making the complex and technical, simple and accessible. She has worked with researchers and other professionals at renowned research institutions in different fields of science - Astrophysics, Human Space Flight, Neuroscience and Physics. If Maria is not working on cool space illustrations you can find her either in the tatami doing martial arts or hiking and camping around in the mountains.