Spaceoneers – new look website

6 December 2016

Since we launched the concept of ‘Spaceoneers’ we have been interacting with the new space community, to find out how startup founders got started, what motivates them and what trends and technologies they think will affect their business models in the near future. After a successful test phase, we are pleased to reveal the new design of our site.

Over the last months, we have conducted several interviews, including CEOs of some US-based startups such as Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources and Daniel Faber of Deep Space Industries. Together with the city of Bremen, we also organised a new space tour of California to learn further some of the lessons in innovation from the pioneers of commercial space in the United States.

New space is now becoming a reality in Europe with various up-and-coming startups in the sector. In our interviews we have spoken to some emerging space startups as we learn about the challenges they have faced in their businesses and how we can best innovate the sector in Europe. Many are showing great potential as they seek solutions to some of today’s problems using space.

Through Spaceoneers we want to portray these entrepreneurs and technologies, highlighting some of the key opportunities opening up in the sector. As we go forward we want to create a thriving community with events and field trips, bridging the gap between space, non-space, entrepreneurs and investors to drive innovation. We will also provide a range of dedicated resources that will support aspiring entrepreneurs. We have defined our mission, vision and values as we seek ‘to enable a new generation of space pioneers’ [see Info].