30 November 2017

Each month we round up some of the top stories in space, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance and technology.

Here’s our round-up for November:

The race to put blockchain in space

Launched in April, Singapore-based company Spacechain “wants to fire off its own satellites to create what [it] thinks will become a truly decentralized ‘data distribution’ network.”

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Lead image: CubeSats deployed outside the International Space Station in May 2017. Photo credit: NASA.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

“A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, the resource in question was oil. Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era.”

Read more at in The Economist.

The data economy demands a new approach to antitrust rules. Credit; David Parkins via The Economist

Made In Space: How space manufacturing is becoming a reality

“Over recent years, we have seen a renaissance in innovation and investment in the “new space” sector. Enabled via convergent technological trends, start-ups and innovators are driving rapid growth in areas such as satellite data and geospatial analytics. Made In Space is among a cohort of new space companies hoping to drive humanity into the cosmos, and to engender revenue-generating, space-based industry along the way.”.

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12 Types of Prototypes to Test Your Idea

Check out “a number of different prototypes you can leverage, in addition to supporting development tools, to perform early stage customer testing from day one, not day 90.”

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Credit: Steve Glaveski via Medium

Luxembourg’s Bet On Space Industry Shows Early Signs Of Success

“Luxembourg offers a whole ecosystem and expertise for raising capital and the legal framework operators need, with a government offering the whole infrastructure,” he told the attendees. “All major players know Luxembourg as a secure place. All our clients in startup and on the space scene need money and we can help with that.”

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What a space mining settlement could look like one day Image: Bryan Versteeg/Deep Space Industries

If No One Owns the Moon, Can Anyone Make Money Up There?

An article in the NYTimes explores how “ambiguities in the 50-year-old Outer Space Treaty may be getting in the way of entrepreneurs seeking opportunities elsewhere in our solar system.”

A rendering of Moon Express’s proposed MX-9 return vehicle, which would return from the moon to Earth with samples of rock and soil. Credit Moon Express

Sweden eyes small satellite market with expanded space center

The Swedish government has commissioned a feasibility study on the possibility to adapt the country’s Esrange Space Center to launch small satellites.

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A sounding rocket lifts off from Sweden’s Esrange Space Center. (Swedish Space Corp.)