Shape the future of IoT solutions using advanced satellite positioning!

4 February 2021

Do you think you have what it takes to solve real-life corporate challenges with IoT innovations and Galileo technologies? Apply now to join Point.IoT for a fast-paced three-month programme of mentoring support and training! Develop your idea to a full business model and be in with a chance of winning a €20,000 cash prize.

Point.IoT partners with real companies facing real challenges. The programme offers teams of innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and tackle important challenges that real companies face using IoT and Galileo. This year’s challenges have been announced, which speak to the changing needs of industries we rely on every day:

Transportation & logistics in a connected world

You will be asked to design and develop the next generation of IoT products serving the transport & logistics industries. The programme encourages participants to think about transportation across rail, road, sea, and air.

Mobile robotics & automation as a competitive edge

Your task is to design and develop an IoT solution that uses robotics to improve precision and efficiencies in the manufacturing and delivery of everyday products. The programme welcomes ground-based or airborne robotics and automation solutions.

Do you think you have what it takes to design the ultimate industry solution? Point.IoT wants to hear from you! The open call for applications runs from 1 February to 30 April 2021.

Be one of ten selected teams of ambitious entrepreneurs from around Europe who will work in teams, contributing your ideas and skills. This three-month experience includes:

  1. An action-packed, two-day virtual bootcamp designed to kick-start IoT innovation.
  2. Technical and business sprints with access to leading industry experts for continuous guidance and support.
  3. A IoT demo day to celebrate your hard work and success. All teams will pitch their ideas to the jury and will have a chance to win a €20,000 cash prize.

Are you ready to join the programme? What are you waiting for? Find out more at: