1 June 2021

Each month we round up some of the top stories in space, entrepreneurship, innovation, finance and technology.

Here’s our round-up for May:

Europe plans sat-nav and telecoms network at the Moon

The European Space Agency is proposing a precise navigation system at the Moon, much like the sat-nav technology we have here on Earth. Find out more.

Artwork: Europe will work with the US on its Artemis project. Credit: Pierre Carril/TAS

FROM ORBIT TO SOIL: How Earth Observation Can Help Achieve the European Green Deal

As the EU aspires to lead climate mitigation in the face of global warming, it is critical that action be informed by reliable and accurate data. Thanks to unprecedented technological innovations, data now allows decision-makers to identify risks, tailor policy response and resource allocation, monitor progress and identify trends. Read more at SpaceWatch Global.

San Francisco; Credits: Planet

EU sees conflict of interest with Eutelsat’s investment in OneWeb

Eutelsat’s investment in OneWeb may be incompatible with continued participation in the European Union’s proposed satellite broadband constellation, an EU official warned.

Read more at SpaceNews.

Thierry Breton (right), EU commissioner for the internal market, whose portfolio includes space, visited the offices of the newly renamed EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) in Prague May 24. Credit: EUSPA

Virgin Galactic takes another leap towards space tourism

Virgin Galactic this month completed its third spaceflight and the first ever spaceflight from Spaceport America, New Mexico. Read more at Virgin Galactic.

The VSS Unity rocket ship and VMS Eve over Spaceport America, New Mexico. Photograph: AP

Data.Space 2021


Next Session: Space for Humanity

Space-enabled data is an increasingly important means of observing our Earth. It offers solutions for the betterment of life alongside a wealth of new and unimagined business and science opportunities. Click here to register.