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1 Avenue d'Ester, 87069 Limoges, France


AirMems designs, manufactures and provides customised RF electronic circuits (filters, phase shifters, matching networks, single ports-N-throws…) based on a breakthrough technology called RF MEMS (Radio Frequencies Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems). Its solution allows high frequency electronic engineers to significantly improve the performances, reduce the power consumption and decrease the size of their devices.

The key to AirMems’ technology is the combination of more than 10 years experience in RF MEMS fabrication and a patented technology allowing us to provide state of the art performance at very high frequencies (> 40 GHz) and to serve a wide range of applications.

The company has been created following demand from the Space and Defence market and has demonstrated on board satellite testing thanks to XLIM Laboratory, CNES (French Space Agency) and Thales Alenia Space.

Today, AirMems aspires to be one of the European Leader in high frequency electronic