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Meitnerstraße 8, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany


Astos Solutions GmbH is a young company with a long history. The development of our product ASTOS (formerly named ALTOS) started already in 1989 at the DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen and MBB (now Astrium) under the head of Prof. Klaus Well. In 1991 Prof. Well moved to the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control (IFR) at the University of Stuttgart and together with him the ASTOS project was taken over by the IFR. In the year 1996 Andreas Wiegand, the founder of Astos Solutions joined the ASTOS development team and improved significantly the usability of the software. In 1999 the commercialization of ASTOS began. The core of ASTOS, which is called GESOP, had been made available as a standalone tool that may be used also for non-aerospace problems. In the period 2001-2006 ASTOS was sold by Technology Transfer Initiative of the University of Stuttgart (TTI). Due to the emerging markets the decision was made to found a self-standing company. Since September 2006 this newly founded company called Astos Solutions GmbH is responsible for development and sales of ASTOS.