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London, UK


We are a FinTech startup concept supporting and optimising advisory firms by applying dynamic climate information to financial asset valuations. We convert physical impacts into monetary values to assess the actual changes in corporate balance sheets, using spatially-explicit data derived from Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite with a 5-day frequency. We provide two modeling products, depending on client’s needs: (i) medium-range (seasonal) forecasts; (ii) long-run (up to 2100) scenario assessments. Physical assets are localized through satellite images (gathered from the free and open data platform By assessing the 1-km radius neighborhood, Balance Shifts provides a spatially consistent evaluation of the surrounding area, discriminating between urban and rural environments. Medium-range modeling procedures are derived from the newly born Copernicus Data Portal ( and apply – whenever possible – a statistical downscaling procedure to provide high resolution probabilistic seasonal forecasts.
BalanceShift tackles medium sized advisory firms consulting clients who serve to lose or gain the most from these climate impacts, but currently do the least to adapt.