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Paul Wurth InCub, Rue de l'Industrie, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


CisLunar Industries is a Luxembourg headquartered, space technology startup founded in 2017 to create the first space-based metal refining and production capability in cislunar space and open the market for space-sourced structural materials. To make this happen, the company is redefining space debris, and treating it as the optimal near-term resource for in-space metal production, available well before any other source. The company will develop and operate a group of orbital platforms called Space Foundries that reuse and recycle space debris and non-functioning spacecraft to produce refined metal and salvaged components. This technology will simultaneously address two major challenges by: (1) Radically improving the economics of space debris remediation and mitigation by transforming it into a valuable commodity. (2) Accelerating the adoption of in-space manufacturing with a cost-effective, steady supply of refined metal. The CisLunar Industries Space Foundry technology enables two main products. (1) It creates a market for space debris as an alternative to de-orbiting. (2) Salvage of useful parts and production of refined metals extruded to the form defined by the customer for on-orbit use in manufacturing, construction or as a propellant.