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Krupnicza 22/5, 31-123 Kraków, Poland


Data Lions vision is to use space assets to improve the quality of life on Earth. We are using machine learning, remote sensing and social networks to track diseases such as vector-borne diseases, influenza or some types of cancers depended on the environmental agents. Our mission is to inform people how to stay safe and healthy – where and when the risk of being sick is greatest and how to minimise exposition to the disease agents. From the technical point of view, Data Lions provides pipelines for processing very large datasets and we develop algorithms for the spatially correlated data analysis. We are specialised in the multidimensional data and time-series. Our core members have provided lectures about image and data processing (EO and real world images).

Upon complex epidemiological problems we’ve created tools for logistics and transport industry. We have provided consultancy services dedicated to the AI and machine learning for e-commerce, space and game development companies.