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Via Aniello Falcone, 304, 80127 Napoli, Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy


EarthAlytics wants to revolutionize the world of Geospatial Analysis by combining Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Big Data analysis tools to transform the PIXELS in INFORMATION useful for decision support systems.
We make information extracted from complex spatial image analysis algorithms available to everyone.
We help to find global solutions to global problems.
Our Value Proposition:
– Integrated Monitoring Integration of Optical and SAR images into a single monitoring platform (Virtual Multi virtual Constellation)
Use of external data for a complete understanding of the phenomena (IOT sensors, weather data, statistical data)
– Artificial Intelligence Data Fusion and Data-processing platform in the cloud for the application of artificial intelligence to big-data sets to extract information automatically.
– Information as a Service Representation and correlation of the information processed as a layer in proprietary (ESRI) or open-source GIS.
Access to information via Apps or APIs