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Laan van Kronenburg 14, 1183 AS Amstelveen, The Netherlands


eFarmer B.V. is a precision agriculture company founded in 2014 with offices based in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Our goal is to develop precision agriculture products and services that help farmers around the world by using the latest advances in technology. To show our appreciation for the meaningful work that farmers do, we use the modern developments in mobile, cloud, sensor and big data technologies to build the most valuable precision products for farmers and agricultural machines. Supplying farmers with the highest quality and efficiency for fieldwork operations is what eFarmer B.V. is all about.

Our company has a precision agriculture product line under the FieldBee© brand that provides high precision and accuracy in the field. While developing this product line we aim to improve the efficiency of field operations by 70%. We also provide IT services for agriculture machines: mobile applications, interfaces, integrations with sensors, automatization.