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There is currently no practical way of supporting high-value space exploration. Major government and commercial players have active missions to the Moon – hundreds of billions of dollars have been committed to delivering unmanned and manned exploration missions over the next two decades. Exobotics (XOB) is developing the world’s first modular roving platform, offering low-cost, high-performance solutions for lunar operation and enabling exchange of one-off $1B missions for hundreds of $1M missions, attracting a wider talent-pool and fostering a new age of extra-orbital innovation .

XOB’s scalable roving technology is fully compatible with the most accessible and popular industrial spacecraft standard – the CubeSat standard. This hybrid solution can be integrated with all current lunar landers, has a higher payload mass/volume fraction at a lower mass than any alternative solution in the market. This allows XOB to offer its customers a flexible, cost-effective market entry at lower complexity and lead time than competitor services.

In addition to offering a hardware solution, XOB and its partners are uniquely positioned to provide a full pipeline service around its roving platform. XOB enables customers with limited experience at a price point and minimum mass below market norms and allowing customers to fly anything from a single chip to a large telescope for any application:

– prospecting and analysis of resources e.g. metals, minerals and water.
– resource distribution (comms. relays, power, shelter, air/water & night survival).
– repair, monitoring & diagnostics of space assets including infrastructure.
– exploration and preparation e.g. mapping and radiation monitoring.