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Kapteynstraat 1 - 140, 2201 BB, Noordwijk, Netherlands.


What Satellize does.

We build satellites.

We do them more cost-effectively than almost anybody else on the planet.

And we build them using a mix of proven expertise and cutting-edge technology. You can read more about it here, but that’s not all.

Satellites are just one part of a solution to your problem.

We can help you with the entire challenge – from defining what is possible in what kind of budget, to obtaining your payload – optical, communication or otherwise from the right vendors around the world, to building the boxes and launching them – via ISRO, or SpaceX or any other launcher, to getting data from them while they’re in flight, to having that data cleaned, analysed and pushed to your desktops and mobile phones.

Day after day.

And we’ll take responsibility for every step of the way.