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Dennewartstraße 25-27, 52068 Aachen, Germany


iBOSS = “Standards ENABLING YOUR Business”. The company’s focus is on “passive OOS” (co-operative design and technologies) like interfaces and building blocks as standard elements for future space. Products support and enable on-orbit servicing (OOS), on-orbit assembly (OOA) or on-orbit manufacturing (OOM) as well as robotic systems, modularity and plug-and-play (PnP) systems in general. A self-standing core solution is the patented “intelligent Space System Interface – iSSI”: a scalable multifunctional fail-safe 4-in-1 interface (mechanical, power, data and thermal) in series production: an internationally-patented, fully-modular and scalable coupling set. The iSSI allows for any ad-hoc configuration and re-configuration both on ground and in space, multi-connectivity, coupling and de-coupling, extension, servicing and re-purposing of space systems or serve as robotic-end-effector. “intelligent Functional Building Blocks – iBLOCK” are standard PnP space experiment (iBLOCK-X) or hosted payload (iBLOCK-HPL) accommodations and evolve into a complete PnP building set of space system elements and logistics modules.