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Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Inflight VR has built the first and only inflight entertainment solution based entirely on VR. Our unique content platform ensures safe and consumable immersive experiences and thus enhances the passenger’s end-to-end travel experience. At the same time, it offers airlines the opportunity to boost ancillary revenues by integrating third-party vendors into the virtual store embedded in our system. Virtual reality has seen tremendous growth and is going to be the next big technology wave. We are defining and building the safety and performance standards of how VR can be consumed inside an aircraft, given the delicate cabin environment. We allow content providers to integrate their VR content into our platform, affiliate partners to showcase their products and services in our virtual store, and brand partners to reach out to a highly attractive captivated audience. But most importantly, Inflight VR delivers passengers an unforgettable fully immersive VR experience in mid-air!