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86 Rue de Paris, 91400 Orsay, France


KRONO-SAFE is a privately owned company founded in 2011 to commercialise software technologies originally developed with the French atomic energy commission (CEA).

KRONO-SAFE develops and markets a software tool-suite named ASTERIOS® based on an innovative real-time kernel (RTK) for safety-critical real-time embedded systems and providing an integrated development environment (IDE) to simulate exhaustively and integrate automatically the application on the single- or multi-core hardware target platform.

KRONO-SAFE serves markets in need of a safer and more efficient solution to develop complex real-time embedded applications. These extend to both well-established markets such as aerospace, defence, automotive, industrial automation, transportation, energy, medical and new markets springing up where safety and security converge like the Industrial Internet of Things.

With a fifty-strong team of experts and a management staff of seasoned professionals, KRONO-SAFE is firmly focused on software development as a way of efficiently serving its customers. The company holds a portfolio of patents securing all its breakthrough solutions developed so far and is actively pursuing its innovation and patenting activities.

KRONO-SAFE is currently based in France, and has plans for expanding to Europe, Asia and the USA. KRONO-SAFE is supported by several investment partners, including CM-CIC Innovation, CEA Investissement, SAFRAN Corporate Ventures and Scientipôle Capital.