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Märkische Allee 82a-84a, 12681, Berlin, Germany


We are a private, fast growing, agile space company founded in 2010 in Berlin.

With great technology partners, we set new scientific, technological and cultural standards in space flight. With the aim of developing lunar infrastructure and offering transport services, we work with the European Space Agency ESA and other institutions on studies for future missions.

We are developing and demonstrating technology to lower the costs for space exploration – to the Moon and beyond -, make it commercially viable and inspire a new generation of explorers and engineers.

On our first privately funded mission we are headed to the moon, taking along two lunar rovers, a multitude of scientific instruments and experiments with us. Plus, we will transport a range of scientific and artistic payloads to conduct technology demonstrations on the lunar surface as well as send our two rovers to explore the Apollo 17 landing site and connect with our past.

Our team, with a penchant for precision and implementation of goals, is proud of our shared performance and is always remaining open, unpretentious and uncomplicated.