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207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, UK


Space Ventures Investors was founded in 2009 by Simon Drake and Kevin Mac Gowan.

They identified the potential of the next space race and how it will re-shape the global economy in the next hundred years, in the same way the previous industrial revolution had altered world history.

With their experience in founding new businesses, management, marketing and finance, they started work on the concept of making space a realistic investment option for everyone. Their vision is that going forward, investing in space can be done via financial products, enabling investors, both large and small, to profitably invest in the space industry and space commerce.

Space Ventures Investors Limited became a registered company in 2014.

During the last years the core focus has been on identifying space technological industry trends (e.g. how and where to invest, see latest in-house space commerce research) and understanding the different types of space investors. Now this information gathering is complete, Space Ventures Investors is moving forward with raising capital from individuals who have contacted them.