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Stratosyst S.r.o., Ve Struhách, 160 00 Prague 6-Bubeneč, Czech Republic


There is an unused potential that stratosphere can provide us for exploring our universe because thick bottom atmosphere blocks out most of the infrared wavelengths. Currently the cost for obtaining infrared data is high because the only method is observation from satellites. Also, the number of orbital infrared observatories is low so this makes the procedure for obtaining customer-specific data is very time-consuming. The advantage of stratosphere observation by Stratosyst is that space sky can be observed for an extremely long period of time in conditions comparable to space satellites for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the hardware will be recovered after the end of each mission. The prototype will be a fully functional infrared observatory which will stay in the stratosphere (higher than 20km) and maintain the position over extended period of time. Position of the platform will be feedback-controlled by GNSS data.