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Data gathered through seismic surveys allow geoscientists to visualise the subsurface of the earth and is one of the most essential components of successful O&G exploration and production. Survey Intelligence helps companies’ shift from a qualitative to a quantitative assessment of seismic data.

Qualitative assessment of seismic data is becoming more problematic as the amount of available data has grown exponentially. To characterise seismic data, geoscientists need to understand trends within the whole seismic volume. This can be time consuming and may lead to a human bias. We help our clients automatise that process and let their data reveal its true character.

With s-VIU we have developed a tool that automatically extracts an understanding of the quality of seismic data and its possible applications. We offer the ability to move from subjective to objective testing, using a set of robust and repeatable processes. Our solution allows to draw conclusions based on full volume analysis with no last-minute surprises. We provide an interactive visualisation solution to optimise reporting and archiving. Our clients will be able to avoid internal QC redundancy and benefit from a reduction in processing turnaround.

We have identified the need for advanced interpretation of InSAR ground motion data. The current processing of InSAR data reveals the state of ground deformation but does not say anything about its cause. However, subsidence is the result of complex geological phenomena that vary both in space and time. The deformation measured at the surface is the effect of several trigger mechanisms combined together.

Our i-VIU solution with its ability to differentiate between the different trigger mechanisms allows the extraction of the reservoir component and establish an accurate link between ground deformation and geological properties that is more satisfactory for reservoir modelling and monitoring.