to: 30 Sep 2020




10th Edition Consumer-Focused R&D and Innovation in the Wake of Economic Downturn. Reassess your R&D Strategy to Deal with the Impacts of COVID-19

This marcus evans conference serves as an international, cross-industry platform to discuss R&D and Innovation in the wake of economic downturn. This event provides a unique opportunity to address the impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis on R&D strategy, and explore ways how to build a resilient business model that can withstand future crises. Since the connection between a product and a consumer is vital, particularly in times of economic downturn, we will explore ways how to close the gap between the end-customer and R&D. We will discuss how crisis drives innovations in the business model, how to synchronise R&D with the customer’s new needs and demands and how to adapt the overall R&D strategy to maximise commercial viability of products and services.

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