to: 19 Jul 2019


University of Strathclyde


The Aerospace Centre of Excellence at the University of Strathclyde is proud to host the 10th International Workshop on Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying (IWSCFF).

Satellites constellations and formations are becoming a growing segment of the space market due to numerous possibilities to provide new, effective commercial and scientific services and applications. Satellite constellations offer a base for communication, monitoring, and navigation services, while satellite formations tie into the move towards disaggregated satellite design. The unique and novel characteristics of these satellite systems require solutions to new problems of classical spaceflight dynamics disciplines like orbital mechanics, attitude control, guidance and navigation and trigger innovative ideas in the design and optimisation domains.

IWSCFF is a specialist workshop organised regularly by the IAF Astrodynamics Committee since 1997.

It gathers experts, researchers from science, mathematics and engineering based in research institutions, universities, and industries to discuss recent advances in the field of astrodynamics applied to satellite constellation and formation flying.

Previous workshops have been held in Toulouse, France (1997), Haïfa, Israel (2001), Pisa, Italy (2003), Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil (2005), Evpatoria, Ukraine (2008), Taipei, Taiwan (2010), Lisbon, Portugal (2013), Delft, The Netherlands (2015) and Boulder, Colorado, USA (2017).