to: 23 Jan 2019


Palais d'Egmont


In 2019, Europe’s space policy will find at a pivotal point in its development as it will be confronted with multiple key questions about the responses to be brought to new critical needs and major new challenges:

  • What new developments for EU space flagship Programmes in the next decade?
  • Which “Space 19 Plus” for ESA from 2019 onwards?
  • Is the potential of spatial data sufficiently exploited in Europe?
  • How to optimise the use of connectivity, digitisation and A.I. for space services?
  • What are the European “New space” projects?
  • What are the future ways for a strong European space launch sector?
  • Are European space actors prepared for off-earth manufacturing, robotic exploration and human spaceflight?
  • What conditions to facilitate access to “New Frontiers” for European industries?
  • Is a “European Space Strategy in Earth and Outer Space Defence and Security” feasible?
  • How to enhance EU spatial sovereignty in the current international context?
  • Which perspective for European GovSatcoms?
  • Are Europeans in a swift process of developing effective cyber defence & security tools?
  • What is at stake at the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference for Satcoms and the Copernicus?
  • Can space provide even more – tools and data – in terms of climate management?