to: 28 Jan 2020


Tromsø, Norway


In 2020, the 14th yearly Arctic Frontiers conference will take place on January 26-30 in Tromso, Norway. On Tuesday 28 January 2020, a side event entitled “The Copernicus marine service: extracting value from satellite Earth Observation data” will be co-organized by the Nansen Center together with Met Norway, Mercator Ocean International, Havforskningsinstituttet and the Norsk Polar Institutt.

The Arctic’s role is changing: the region is now playing a role at the centre on the geopolitical stage. With vast energy and marine resources, the region is on the agenda of industrial, political and societal organisations across the globe. Increased human activity in the Arctic will have significant economic, political, and social implications for Arctic nations and will influence the Arctic environment. Arctic Frontiers discusses the political frameworks needed to utilise these opportunities in a responsible way.