to: 03 Mar 2021




UPDATE: Please be informed that the Workshop has been postponed to the 2 – 3 March 2021.

Advanced Manufacturing is an ESA cross-cutting initiative that has the central aim to identify emerging manufacturing technologies that open up new industrial possibilities in terms of design freedom, streamlined production stages and reduced cost, along with enhanced performance from the final product. Since its introduction, more than 40 technology development activities have been kicked-off with the European Space Industry, mainly funded by GSTP, covering developments in the area of materials processing, surface engineering, shaping (including additive manufacturing), joining, and assembly. It has brought together industrial and institutional partners from all sectors of the manufacturing and design domain of space, and has assisted in the development and industrialisation of manufacturing processes in Europe.

Whereas advanced manufacturing is dedicated to production capabilities on Earth, the workshop features also a dedicated day for manufacturing in space. This domain is recognised as a future key enabling technology, which can have significant positive impacts on the cost, logistics, duration and performance of robotic and human space missions. This can affect potentially all aspects of space activities, from alleviating design constraints imposed by the launch phase, leading to larger components, enhanced mission scenarios and reduced material and energy consumption, to allowing new maintenance strategies and expansion of exploration capabilities during human exploration missions, for longer, more sustainable missions.