to: 29 Apr 2021




In recent years the role of CubeSats has grown hugely in the space sector. From experimental satellites testing innovative technologies to constellations that aim to compliment and even enhance the services offered by larger more traditional spacecraft. In addition to the CubeSat sector growing we also see an increased move towards CubeSats with active propulsion on board using novel chemical and electric propulsion systems.
ESA would like to nourish these developments.

This year ESA would like to host the second edition of the Workshop on Propulsion4CubeSats. This Workshop serves as forum to exchange information on the latest industry developments and the ESA activities in the CubeSats propulsion domain, to discuss the technical/regulatory challenges facing the industry in sustaining further growth and competitiveness, to discuss needs for standards particularly related to safety and qualification/acceptance test and to discuss needs for advanced test facilities.

This two day online event is intended to act as an open forum for you, the innovators, drivers and major players of this expanding sector to discuss the current state of CubeSat Propulsion in Europe and to allow us to identify areas of collaboration and gaps that ESA might help to bridge.

The event is open to the European propulsion industry and research institutes/centres, CubeSATs manufactures and operators, launchers and ESA personnel with interest in CubeSat missions.