to: 30 Nov 2020




The Agile Event is a single day online event that will take place on the 30th of November 2020. This event will focus on how Agile development is used in the world of Space Software, but also on the transformation process that our Space industry is undergoing to reach Space 4.0. The event will also help to establish connections to other colleagues in our fields.

Over the years at previous Software Product Assurance Workshops organised by the European Space Agency in partnership with our colleagues from different parts of Europe Agile Software development has been an important and sometimes very hot topic. Things are moving in this direction and the European Space industry pushed in this direction and cooperated to create and publish the ECSS-E-HB-40-01A – Agile software development handbook. With a new push, and trying to be a bit more Agile we came up with the idea to host an event focusing exclusively on Agile in 2020.

Unfortunately, 2020 has been a very difficult year for the whole world and for Europe, with COVID-19 having a strong impact on our daily lives. Needless to say the toll it took on our families. Our deepest and sincerest condolences and thoughts go to you, your families and the loved ones we lost in this fight. But life goes on, and so we go with it, adapting and surviving.

The situation forced us to change our plans, in other words, to adapt. We decided to go online with this event. In the end, we have seen our industry move to a mostly online way of working in a matter of days, and reasonable adapting to it in weeks. This is certainly a challenge that we are willing to accept by organising this event before 2020 is over.

At the European Space Agency we cordially invite you to attend the Agile Event that will take place online. In this event we have invited industry to present their advances, successes and learning path to become Agile. However we have also invited Agile experts, to help us and enlighten us to go further.

The workshop organizer within ESA/ESTEC is Mr. Manuel Fernandez.