to: 06 May 2020




#AIShowBiz Summit 4.0 is an exclusive gathering of world-renowned innovators in AI, Entertainment and Emerging Technologies for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Inventors dedicated to positively impacting the planet. Attendees receive unprecedented access to top innovators in emerging tech in a way that activates and inspires collaboration as a #ForceforGOOD!

Join Us For #AIShowBiz Summit 4.0

May 4-6. 2020 Online via Zoom Video Conferencing

Tickets are Complimentary

Vision: Connecting impact entrepreneurs with the resources they need to solve our world’s most pressing social problems from climate change to eradicating coronavirus cases. To accelerate the development of innovation that can be leveraged as #ForceforGOOD.

Values: trust, entrepreneurial impact, innovation, equality, access

Methods: We have created a community of support for entrepreneurial innovators.

As a hallmark of the purpose of this summit we host a pitchfest called the Mayday Impact Awards PitchFest. We invite participants to please join us on our sustainable quest to leverage business and technology to preserve the planet and provide a lasting legacy for future generations. We know first-hand how much employees care about working at companies that have a profound sustainable commitment and partnering would add value to brands and employee culture because our values are perfectly aligned and our missions are in sync.

We seek to join forces especially because of the leadership role in the community companies play. We are continuing to build our role with standing up for injustice by encouraging technological product development and innovation. We are helping contribute by inspiring and empowering entrepreneurial impact that can be leveraged via #TECHforGOOD to benefit all of humanity. We also believe to our core that the world’s most pressing social problems can be solved by harnessing the promise of innovation. The Mayday Impact Award PitchFest is a way that we are playing a major role in our quest to preserve the planet.

We are calling on impact entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and the investors that provide resources to make their transformative technology possible to apply for the Mayday Impact Award PitchFest. The competition has an important purpose–a purpose to preserve our planet for future generations by leveraging businesses as a platform for change.