to: 17 Nov 2020




During the Space19+ ministerial meeting in November 2019, ESA secured a €12.5 billion budget. Its main areas of development include Earth observation, space transportation, human & robotic exploration, science missions and telecommunications. Another key area of development is ESA’s collaboration with the private sector, including small- and medium-sized enterprises. The region was at the start of what has been described a ‘renaissance’ in its space programs.

The COVID-19 pandemic shook Europe and the globe throughout 2020. Organisations across the continent were forced to ask their staff to work from home as projects, programs and launches picked up delays. Many organisations are now looking to pick up projects and programs and assessing how they will bounce back with new or adapted strategic plans.

This panel brings together representatives from various leading organisations in Europe to discuss the following topics:
· What is the status and future strategy of European projects and programs?
· How to ensure business continuity with space operations and programs as we climb out of the pandemic?
· How can private investment help smaller businesses and start-ups get back on their feet and aid in financial recovery?