to: 26 Aug 2020




Westcott Space Innovators is a monthly networking event for those that work in the space sector. Join us on the 26 August for a fantastic presentation from several space industry experts.


14:00 – SPRINT programme overview

Martine Harvey. Regional Space Innovation Manager at Open University

An overview of the programme’s achievements so far and how to get involved.

14:15 – SPRINT Case Study: SmallSpark Space Systems

Joseph Ward, CEO and Founder at Smallspark

Smallspark is collaborating with SPRINT partner, the University of Southampton, to use artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in the design of its low-cost rocket engines for high performance and cost-effective small satellite launches in the UK.

14:25 – Open University Expertise Overview

Martine Harvey, Open University

The Open University has many Space related research areas which can be accessed by companies to further their technology development. This overview will highlight some of the main areas, including specialist facilities.

14:35 – Q&A

More Information

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