to: 04 Mar 2020


Satellite Applications Catapult, Fermi Avenue, Didcot, UK


Join Satellite Applications Catapult on 4 March for the Canadian Space-Data Partnering Event, held here at the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Global Affairs Canada is organising a Space-Data Partnering Mission to the UK from March 2-6, 2020. This mission aims to establish a collaborative R&D network of Canadian and British companies and research partners active in the global geo-information market.

The UK has a long history of using innovation in geo-information to manage domestic affairs and influence the rest of the world. From the Domesday Book in the 11th century, through the marine chronometer, identification of the Broad Street Pump, and the development of RADAR, the UK has led by incorporating ‘place’ into discovery, decision making and routine operations.

That tradition continues with government support through the Geo-information Commission, practical support from the Satellite Applications Catapult, and cutting edge technologies from many universities, research centres and industries large and small. Within a global market for geospatial information estimated by GeoBuiz at over $300 billion and growing at 14% p.a., the UK is identified as having “rich data infrastructure and a conducive policy framework for adoption”, which is an ideal complement to Canada, which “makes high-quality and authoritative spatial data to support innovation”.

Together, the UK and Canada have many of the key ingredients for globally competitive geo-information services as well as the industries to deliver the systems necessary to capture, curate and convert data into information, information into decisions, and decisions into advantage