to: 26 Jan 2021




More than ever, we are able to extract terabytes of data from observation satellites orbiting Earth. With increased capabilities for satellites to downlink images, the amount of data available to service providers and end-users is tremendous. As a result, the data service provider market is thriving, supplying the maritime, agriculture, defence and aviation sectors, among many others, with invaluable information.

With the increase in demand and capabilities, challenges and opportunities arise in the areas of sensing technologies such as SAR, thermal imaging and other technologies. Meanwhile, data purchasing, the need to make obtained data available at higher frequency, and the need for standards in order to guarantee the quality and accuracy of data retrieved are challenges raised by service provider and end-users alike.

Bringing together manufacturers, integrators and service providers, this panel addresses the following topics and discussion points:
· New developments in monitoring technologies, including SAR, infrared and others
· The need for more available sensing satellites with new purchasing models, such as ‘pay per download’
· The requirement for a set of standards to get remote sensing data accurate and same on all platforms
· The need for higher-res images: how to minimise the need to make corrections to retrieved data