to: 08 May 2020




Dear friends,

In April 2019, the first edition of Copernicus Hackathon Sofia, organized by the Risk-Space Transfer Office (RST-TTO), a member of the Copernicus Relay Network, was successfully held and was of great interest and attracted more than 60 participants from leading universities in the country. Encouraged by the positive outcome of this event, we are preparing the next edition of Copernicus Hackathon Sofia 2020, which was to take place on April 24-26, 2020 in Sofia, as part of Space Week Sofia 2020 – a big international event including an international conference, two hackathons and an industrial exhibition.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only obstructed this event but also put humanity before an unprecedented test, has once again proved how crucial the role of research and new technology in crisis situations is. That is why we have decided, despite the difficulties and the unusual situation, to try to contribute to overcoming this crisis by:




And if before the crisis, we had the ambition to give to the participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies for Earth observation from space and to try to find specific applications, now we want through the knowledge and skills of the Bulgarian specialists, in the field of information technologies, physics, mathematics, earth sciences, etc., to conduct this VIRTUAL HAKATON, in order to contribute for overcoming the effects of this crisis through new ideas, products and services, focused on the main services of the Copernicus program.

Dear friends, I call on you to actively participate in the virtual Copernicus Hackathon Sofia 2020 and contribute to the efforts to tackle this pandemic.

Kamen Iliev, Director of RST-TTO