to: 22 Apr 2020




We are calling ALL PEOPLE on the PLANET!!!

Striving to stabilize the situation with COVID-19 around the world we have established a series of ONLINE EVENTS that will help STARTUPS on ALL continents that are fighting this global threat or searching for a way to produce much more quickly needed equipment to save people’s lives all over the world and help businesses to survive through this tough restriction period.

The online CORONAVIRUS BATTLES are non-profit free of charge for everyone. Events will be widely covered by world media sources.

We would WELCOME any help you can provide:

– Becoming VC-expert – Judging the event online.
– Participating as a partner of our Coronavirus Battles – making them happen.
– Sharing the information around your community network about the events – expanding the network and event coverage.
– Sponsoring our Battles – helping startups to succeed in saving all of us.

We are addressing ALL STARTUPS – wherever you are/whatever you do – if you are fighting the CORONAVIRUS itself or your solution protects from infection or helps people to stay safe your product supports people in overcoming the disease and its consequences – you are our HERO

Participation is FREE for Startups Judges and Guests but needs to REGISTER at the Event.

Coronavirus Battle Europe (all European startups) – April 22 2020 3pm UTC+1

Together we can be stronger and have a great impact on the future of the whole world!