to: 28 Apr 2018


Geovation Hub, London


The UK Space Agency’s Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) is participating in this year’s Crisis Hackathon (CrisisHack2018) organised by Britain’s pioneering location-data lab – the Geovation Hub, with partners from DSTL and IBM.

The hackathon builds upon last year’s success and it will focus on two crisis case studies. One examines crisis on a global level (the global sanitation crisis) and one on a national/local level (flooding in the UK).

SSGP is leading on the national case study with a challenge provided by the Environment Agency. You can find more details on the UK as well as the international case studies here. This is part of a wide range of SSGP activities that are aimed at improving awareness and increasing the uptake of existing data and services at a local and national level, especially in relation to the data which is made available through the International Charter ‘Space and Major Disasters’.

For the duration of the hackathon, attendees will have the opportunity to use open source and commercial satellite data that was acquired during an actual International Disaster Charter activation.