to: 27 Oct 2020


Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


Agriculture is undergoing a digital transformation – with a huge potential for consumers and agriculture. At the Digital Farming Conference on 27 October, we will discuss the latest developments in Agriculture 4.0 together with experts and decision-makers from the agricultural and digital economy, society, science and politics.

The digital revolution in the field and in the stable is gaining momentum. Because: The future belongs to technology-based agriculture!

The ground for digitization has been loosened, the seeds have been sown. Sensors have long provided measurable data and information about plants, soils and animals. Drones map fields and robots do everyday work in the barn. New innovative business models and disruptive technologies are thriving. With the Internet of Things, machine learning and big data, agriculture is breaking new ground and changing the way we deal with nature and animal husbandry. Artificial intelligence is evaluating increasingly complex agricultural processes and supports farmers in their agronomic decisions. Digitization and platform economy enable transparent and flexible value creation networks for all players – from farm to fork.

But it’s not yet harvest time. The growing developments – regional and global – have to be shaped. How can we extract the optimal benefits for agriculture from digitalization in order to master the current challenges? Broader acceptance, better usability and stronger networking form the breeding ground for further establishing digital technologies in practice and promoting sustainable agriculture in the future.

Now it’s all about working for digital progress!

On October 27, 2020, we invite you to help shape digitization in agriculture. Discuss with more than 400 decision-makers from the agricultural and digital economy, science, society and politics about the latest developments and challenges of sustainable digital agriculture.