to: 22 Oct 2020




“According to our 2019 Industry Survey, 80% of the respondents are finding it difficult to find and hire candidates making staffing one of the highest barriers to growth for EO companies”

The sector is developing dynamically and rapidly, which results in an increased demand for qualified personnel. A skilled and educated workforce will enable the sector to attract high value, innovative and knowledge-based businesses and adapt more readily to the challenging technological environment and the societal developments that the EO/GI sector is experimenting with. As access to skills is becoming an increasing issue in the sector, EARSC is a leading member of the EO4GEO project, a multi-disciplinary group from industry, academia and policy makers, is seeking to create a Sector Skills Alliance to help overcome these difficulties. It will help academia understand what courses and curricula should be promoted and for the industry to help find good candidates providing them a fulfilling work environment including workforce training for upskilling to strengthening sustainable competitiveness and building resilience to react to new business models.

In this context, the EO4GEO project has developed a series of tools, that will be released by mid-October, addressing some of the main issues of every actor in the sector.

If you want to know more about these tools and learn more about EO4GEO’s work regarding workforce and employment in the sector, please join us on October 22, 2020, at 16:00-16:45 (CEST).