to: 20 Apr 2018


London Stock Exchange


ESA Business Applications is organising an Investors Forum at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) the 20th of April to present the best European commercial ventures powered by Space.

For this event, we have screened our portfolio of 500 businesses and selected 8 of the most promising ones determined to grow. We’re looking for investors or potential partners to help these companies skyrocket their growth during and beyond the ESA BA mentoring. Among them:

  • 4 businesses aim to raise €0.5-1M (angel round) to finance the remaining 50% of a demonstration project with ESA BA
  • 4 businesses aim to raise €2M+ (series A) as they have already completed a demonstration project with ESA BA

From fintech to agriculture, to drones, AI and IoT; the companies we have selected operate in different sectors. Their common indicator is the use of space technologies and the fact that we’ve already invested from €60K – €2M in each of them.