to: 26 May 2020




Robots are used in multiple areas, especially where they can alleviate strenuous tasks or complete missions that are dangerous for a human to undertake. Recent advances in robotics and AI are revolutionising business, society and our personal lives.

Apart from being precise and consistent, robots can work in any environment, adding to their flexibility. Robots eliminate dangerous jobs for humans because they are capable of working in hazardous environments. They can handle lifting heavy loads, toxic substances and repetitive tasks. This has helped companies to prevent many accidents, also saving time and money. In the medical field robots are used for intricate surgeries such as prostate cancer surgery. Robots are able to reach and fit where human hands cannot, allowing greater accuracy. Robotic benefits in the medical field can be less invasive procedures and reduce pain for the patient when recovering.

This Kick-Start activity aims to stimulate the development of robotic applications underpinned by space technologies into a wide variety of sectors such as extreme environments, agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, transport, social care and soft robotics. Also, due to the current pandemic outbreak, robotic technology may provide additional creative solutions to tackle this unprecedented situation.

Robotics and AI augment and amplify human potential, increase productivity and are moving from simple reasoning towards human-like cognitive abilities.

Space assets and satellite technology can offer added value to the robotics sector and increase its capabilities in a number of ways.