to: 26 Feb 2020


Copernicus Observatory, Overveen, Netherlands


On February 26th 2020 the Mars Society Netherlands is organizing a discussion meeting on the colonization of Mars. Considering the rapid technological advancements in space fare and plans to settle the red planet within the coming decade, we think it’s crucial that we talk about the ethical consequences of these plans.

As a participant of this meeting you’ll be invited to give your opinion about different aspects of colonizing Mars. For example: How should this project for humanity be financed? Is it acceptable to let children be born on Mars or should Mars colonists be sterilized? The answers of the group will be the starting point for an interesting discussion…

Send your e-mail to if you would like to join. The meeting will be from 8 to 10 PM in the Copernicus Observatory, Tetterodeweg 27, Overveen.