to: 12 Sep 2021


Kielce, Poland


The 7th edition of the ERC Space and Robotics Event will take place on 10-12 September 2021. European Rover Challenge is one of the largest international events in the field of robotics and the conquest of space.

The main part of ERC is an international robotics competition. The rovers (and their construction teams) compete in fulfilling tasks similar to those performed by rovers on the surface of Mars or the Moon. Since its first edition in 2014 the competition became a prestigious space sector event.

ERC gathers not only planetary robotics specialists and Mars rovers designers but also representatives of science and business, the new-tech sector and the general public interested in the development of science and new technologies. The organizers plan that the event will be an opportunity for the industry leaders to meet in one place. If this is prevented by the restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will take place online.