to: 04 Dec 2020




Space Exploration: Inspire, Educate and Transform

Singularity University Frankfurt am Main Chapter, Munich Chapter, and New York City Chapter in collaboration with InnovaSpace are organizing the on-line event “Generation Space”, which will examine and discuss space exploration and education.

With the goal of connecting young people to space, the event promotes the InnovaSpace project Kids2Mars which provides global open access to space knowledge focused on human exploration of the Red Planet.

We invite kids and young people,entrepreneurs and professionals from countries worldwide to present questions about human exploration of Space to our space experts.

The event will be divided into 4 panels of 1 hour each, covering the areas of: Exponential Technologies, Space Health, Life-long Space Learning, Moon & Mars Exploration, delivered by well-known academics, scientists and professionals coming from renowned international institutions, such as NASA, ESA, SGAC-UN and more.

Each panel will end with a debate, and Q&A session with the virtual audience, moderated by an expert in the area.