to: 10 Sep 2020




Geoawesomeness Digital meetup is all about bringing the spatial community together and enabling interactions within the community whether its for fun and/or profit. And along the way, we hope that the meetup will help us all better understand how location data and technology are transforming the world for better.

We are quite excited about our digital meetup series and it’s great to see that you are excited about it as well! We promise it’s going to be #geoawesome! In the meantime, if you have ideas/suggestions for us to make this a regular feature on your calendar, do let us know!

Upcoming Events

Digital Meetup #3 on 26th August 2020 – Maps for mass consumption: Doing it the right way

Digital Meetup #4 on 1st September 2020 – Copernicus and Entrepreneurship: Enabling ground-breaking business ideas to find their competitive edge

Digital Meetup #5 on 10th September 2020 – Enabling sustainable supply chains through satellite technology.

Digital Meetup #6 on 22nd October 2020 – How Deep Learning is changing the Earth Observation industry and beyond.