to: 22 Jul 2020




This webinar will discuss:

  • Overview of GRAVITY Challenge and aims
  • Intro to GRAVITY Challenge and delivery partners (Deloitte, AWS, Satellite Application Catapult)
  • How innovators can get involved
  • Key benefits for innovators
  • Call to action: register for a challenge! and update on deadlines for submissions

An introduction to the GRAVITY Challenge

The GRAVITY Challenge aims to increase commercialisation of satellite technologies. It asks organisations (industry partners) to identify ‘challenges’ that could be addressed with earth observation data, the commitment is to present the challenge and provide a mento. The Innovators (i.e. the participating teams) will have full IP ownership of the final solution. However, if the teams are comprised of members from multiple companies, sharing separate IPs, team members will have to define IP sharing agreements by themselves.

GRAVITY Challenge is an innovation program exploring new uses for satellite data and space sector technology. This includes earth observation data, positioning data, communications and other forms of space technology. Find out more from the press release – Gravity Challenge 2020 Goes Global.

Why is this technology of interest?

Satellite data and space sector technology is increasingly accessible due to factors such as miniaturization and commoditisation of satellite components, increase in launch locations (we will soon have two launch sites in the UK!), and accessibility via cloud technologies.


  • Aaron Marshal – AWS
  • Alex Bird – Deloitte Space Practice
  • James Smith – Deloitte Space Practice & Unmanned Aviation Specialist
  • Sophie Lonergan – Deloitte Ventures and Space Practice
  • Shannon O’Neill – Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Catherine Hamlin – Satellite Applications Catapult

Why should someone attend the workshop?

Learn more about GRAVITY Challenge and how you can play a part in solving some of the biggest challenges for global companies and build world class solutions using Space technology.

Who should attend the workshop?

Startups and SMEs in the Space sector