to: 25 Jun 2018


Eurecat UX labs, Barcelona, Spain


Seven months have passed since the HATCH project started in November 2017. During this time it has identified User Personas, specified and analysed the concept, set the Portal’s system requirements, provided a simple reference for testing and validation, and created a detailed system architecture.
During the last few months it has been working on HATCH’s visual design guidelines and wireframes and the design of the web portal itself. We have also done copywriting and translations for the main content.
Design review and testing
The Design work package is one of the most important tasks of the project. Consortium member Eurecat will run different tests to elicit feedback from potential web portal users. They will be asked to perform several actions on the prototype of the web portal and the data will be analysed so that our designer team can carry out improvements.
Would you like to find out more?
You are welcome to participate in the open meeting that will be held in Barcelona, Spain during the first milestone of this project.