to: 23 Jun 2020




Welcome to our webinar series on Health in Space: showing how space exploration is advancing and benefitting health(care) on Earth. Our speakers include experts in the field of space medicine and space life sciences, former or current astronauts, flight surgeons. These webinars are open to all to participate and offer an opportunity to engage with exciting speakers. The series is organized by the Space Generation Advisory Council project group Space Medicine and Life Sciences. We hope you learn a ton!

Our fifth episode will focus on women’s health in space. Space affects some aspects of male and female astronaut physiology differently. For example, on return to Earth, male astronauts have more problems with their vision whilst female astronauts have more issues with blood pressure management. Dr Varsha Jain is a space gynecologist trying to find out why these gender differences occur. Dr Varsha Jain and Dr Virginia Wotring have collaborated to evaluate whether different hormonal therapies affect clot risk in female astronauts. Their latest paper has just been published in NPJ Microgravity. This stellar panel will discuss this and at the end of the session we will open it up to the audience, so you can ask questions to our panellists!

Our line-up of this episode includes:

  • Dr. Varsha Jain – After graduating from Imperial College medical school, Varsha took time out from clinical training to complete a masters degree in space physiology and health at King’s College London. For her masters thesis project, she worked alongside the Exploration Medical Capability team at NASA JSC to investigate the efficiencies of the medical systems currently on board the ISS. She recently completed an academic clinical fellowship in obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • Dr. Virginia Wotring – Virginia’s research involves examining the changes in physiology and pharmacology that occur in the confined, closed, microgravity, elevated radiation environment of a space mission, ranging from the molecular level to that of the whole human. She is now resident faculty member at the International Space University.

This session will be moderated by Jules Lancee, healthcare innovator here on Earth.