to: 31 Mar 2021




ARTES 4S Strategic Programme Line (“Space systems for Safety and Security”) has been created at the last Space 19+ ESA council held at Ministerial level. The aim was to cope with the need of specific efforts towards next generation secure SATCOM solutions designed to serve governmental needs and support critical infrastructures and applications.

After a 1-year inception period dedicated to the analysis of these 4S future services and next generation solutions, ESA intends to propose to its Member States a structured and large plan of activities necessary to boost European and Canadian innovation and competitiveness in this growing market segment worldwide and prepare it to timely respond to emerging requests from public organisations, such as the EU with its Connectivity initiative. Fast definition and implementation of these activities will be key to position European and Canadian industry at par with international North American and Asian competition.

In that context and in order to consolidate its vision and plans, ESA intends to consult industry, noting that ARTES implementation relies on a mix of ESA-initiated activities (ITT) and industry-initiated activities, a large share of it relying on partnerships established between the Agency and industry.

To kick off this round of consultations, ESA/TIA will organise an info session that will sketch the status and prospects in the 4S area.