to: 22 Mar 2023




CME Society and The core committee of (AEROSPACE & AVIATION) is delighted to announce the upcoming Aerospace & Aviation 2023 which is all set to provide you the Best Platform to learn and Interact with the Peers on the above-mentioned dates of 2023 with its advanced Scientific Program, Keynote Session, Oral Presentation Session, Poster presentation Session, Young Researchers Forums and so on.

We are predicting the professors throughout the globe, who are dedicated to make a great change in Space and technology by sharing their experience and knowledge in this conference.

For early design concepts, the conventional approach to cost is normally some kind of parametric weight-based cost Aerospace & aviation will focus on the unique issues in aerospace & aviation technologies, such as Design and Development of Rockets, Engineering in Space, Space Mission & Satellite, Optical Astronomy, Satellite communication and Technology ,Astrophysics and Space Science, Vehicle System Technologies , Airship design and development, Fluid mechanics, Radar Cross Section and Astrodynamics, Electrical engineering and Control engineering Aircraft Structures Materials science and Solid mechanics etc.